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ATOMIC D has been supporting Twitter creative teams for more than a year and in two ways. First, by supplying them with Design as a Service, our unique on-prem design retainer model. And second, through our core ATOMIC D art department and animation department. The projects we produce for Twitter often include internal communication resources that educate the staff within the company and external advertisements sent out via Tweets and blog posts to promote Twitter features and products to their users.

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We understand their language. Since we began working with the creative studio at Twitter, we immediately understood the messages that they wished to convey to their audiences and the voice that they were hoping to develop. We are in fact embedded with the Twitter family instead of acting as an outside vendor. We solve problems and come up with creative content from within the company. The unique and vested presence of ATOMIC D has enabled us access to project stakeholders and an in-depth knowledge of goals—we don’t just deliver beautiful content, but have helped to shape the visual styles and voice seen by Twitter staff and users around the world. 

When asked, “Do you think this is something Atomic could do?” The answer is always a resounding YES. We love the work we do for Twitter, and we love the teams for whom we are working.


This multi-tiered approach to design support has established us with reputation as highly regarded producers of new product promotions, feature awareness campaigns and demonstration tools.