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Branding & Identity // Photography // Packaging // Website // Animation // Mascot




In March of 2015, retained client Samsung Electronics asked ATOMIC D to launch a revolutionary new IoT module. The project requirement included naming & identity, product and lifestyle photography, packaging,  website, explainer animations, designing their booth at IoT World, designing the president of Samsung’s keynote presentation for IoT World, creative for multiple digital and social marketing campaigns, and oh yeah… creating a mascot!

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The challenge for this project was getting all the work done, and done to Samsung standards, in time to launch at the IoT World Conference May 12th. That gave us about 6-weeks total from the kick off of the project to design everything and make it all happen! No small feet.


03 // Solution


Good ol’fashioned hard work. That and a little help from our extended network of talent partners. We camped out at Samsung over the next 6 weeks to make sure we had people on the front lines as initiatives developed. Back in the home office we had all hands on deck, supported by extra team members we brought in for the project. It took a lot of late nights, but by May 12th, we had everything wrapped up, just in time for the conference to begin.


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04 // results


All the hard work by ATOMIC D & Samsung payed off. The launch went off without a hitch. We exceeded goals of pre-orders by nearly 700% in the first two days and drove over 34,000 unique visits to the website on day one.  We even sold out of the entire product inventory!

The results were spectacular, and as a result we have remained a solid partner to the ARTIK team at Samsung to this day..