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Branding // Event Production // Executive Presentations // Animations // Technology Consulting



Paramount Pictures approached ATOMIC D to help them brand a secret initiative to visualize the theme park of the future. The initiative became “ALPHAWORLD”. We were first asked to brand the stealth-mode project and design and write the COO’s keynote presentation on the initiative. Shortly after, they asked us to produce an event at which the founders, CEOs, and CTO’s from fifty of the world‘s leading technology companies were brought together to conceptualize the experiences, rides and attractions “Alphaworld” would offer.



Noting the high-profile status of the parties involved, we set to the task with a high-touch approach. We wanted to assure attendees received all the attention and support they needed to feel comfortable, have fun, and of course bring their bleeding edge ideas, creativity and perspective to the exclusive conference.


For the week of the event, ATOMIC D relocated the team to the Paramount lot in Hollywood to assure all our talents and abilities would be readily available to our client.

03 // Results

We worked in close consort with the team at Paramount to produce a five-day event full of brainstorming sessions, technology demos, celebrity fireside chats and high tech creativity. The effort paid off, mid-way through the week, several members of the ATOMIC D team were asked to participate in the brainstorming sessions with the brightest of the brightest attendees. The week concluded with a two-hour presentation from ATOMIC D on the topics of customer-first experience and the smart park infrastructure required to run the theme park of the future.

The results put AlphaWorld on the map and have since evolved into Paramount Labs & Stage X experience center at Paramount Pictures. As creative & technology consultants, we continue to engage with Senior Executives at Paramount in their efforts to bridge the gap between Hollywood and Silicon Valley.