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dun & bradstreet

Commercial Spots // Promotional Animations // Advertising Campaign Creative & Assets




200-year-old company Dun & Bradstreet wanted to promote their new B2B marketing tools, but had relatively little experience in the world of advertising and digital marketing their own products and services. They needed content designed to explain their complex product offering as well as advertise the products to their B2B customers.

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First, ATOMIC D created a series of animated spots to generate awareness and explain the different features, functions, and benefits of the D&B product offering.

Next, we followed up with a live action commercial series and a digital marketing campaign to drive product adoption with D&B’s customers.

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The results for these campaigns were tremendously positive, exceeding our goals for viewership and conversions. Our campaigns quickly became the best performing campaigns D&B had ever run. ATOMIC D continues to create fun and cleaver content for various departments at D&B today.